Fearless Hunters & Loyal Guardians


My name is Michael Mims and I am the owner of Delta Dogo’s. I make my living as an Agricultural Consultant and hold a degree in horticulture and agricultural science. Hunting and dogs have been a passion of mine since childhood, which is how I became familiar and enthusiastic about the Dogo.

Delta Dogo is a family owned and operated venture. My entire family participates when it comes to training and caring for these dogs. Which makes my hobby even more enjoyable.

At Delta Dogo, we routinely set up new areas for our Dogo’s to hunt in order to allow them to hone their skills. We make a conscious decision to keep the dogs on their toes, using every one of their senses to maintain attentiveness. It is our job to produce a well breed, and disciplined dog and we take that job seriously.










Our goal is to produce great dogo’s, bred properly and worked properly. I want all of our clients to have an easy and great experience in getting the dog’s they want.

My dogs are part of my family. We make every effort to assure our dogs have an enjoyable life. I will always do my part to keep my dogs healthy because I love them all. Dogs have always been a huge part of my life. At the age of 5, I remember telling my father when I get rich I’m going to have every type of hunting dog and have someone to help me take care of them. Although I’m not money rich, I’m rich with family and friends and I’m living my dream with our new kennel.

I praise God for the blessing I have received and pray for many more to come, without Him a man is empty. I give my word to everyone to always be honest about our dogs and to stand behind each one. I will make myself available to talk and meet at my kennel with anyone wanting who is interested in learning about the dogo’s.