Fearless Hunters & Loyal Guardians


We purchased our dogo from Michael just about two years ago. Being new to the breed Michael helped us with all of our questions and was wonderful to work with throughout the whole buying and picking process. Memphis (our dogo) is 100% true to the breed in every sense. He has an amazing disposition and is beyond smart. He's one of the best dogs we have ever had the pleasure of owning. Michael gives 100% lifetime breeder support. Any and all concerns or questions we've had Michael has been right there to answer or help with. He guarantees his dogs and is true to his word. He breeds amazing dogos and you can't go wrong by purchasing one from him. If you're looking for an amazing dogo and breeder Delta dogos with Michael is the way to go.

(Jordan Buttram)

Michael Mims is one of the most understanding and informative people I know regarding the Dogo breed of dog. About a year and a half ago I found Michael Mims on the Internet and saw that he was a breeder of my dream dog (the Dogo). Michael didn’t just sell me a Dogo, he educated me on the breed and explained that Dogo’s are prone to have hearing issues. After Michael had taken his pups to the University to have their hearing checked, he invited me down to look at the dogs and take my pick. Once I got to his home, which is where he keeps his dogs, I was impressed with how well the dogs were cared for. You could tell the dogs had been in the presence of a loving family. Michael went into detail about the many hunting trips he took the Dogo’s on. Michael doesn’t just sell you a dog, he sells you on the love that he has for the breed. If anyone has an interest in purchasing a Dogo for protection or for it's amazing hunting abilities, Michael Mims is the perfect man to see to guarantee an amazing dog. Mine is truly one of the smartest dogs I have ever owned.

(Nikko Williams)

We got a puppy from you about 7 months ago. You might not remember me. We drove to your home from Alabama. We named our puppy Chopper. I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful dog. Chopper is incredibly intelligent and easy to train. He has the nicest temperament and sweetest disposition of any dog. He plays with my 3 year old son and is very gentle yet he is very protective when strangers approach our home. He is deaf from one ear but that doesn't affect him at all. He loves to exercise, and, until my recent surgery, he was running with me daily. He is a beautiful dog, more so than I expected him to be, but more importantly, he has a great personality and has brought a lot of joy to our home. Whenever someone shows interest in the breed, I tell them about you. I am grateful to have found you!